I don’t know what’s right any more – my first intuition pump

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional philosopher, I’m just some guy who enjoys reading philosophy in his free time. I am likely far too under-read to fully appreciate the context of some of the issues I’m talking about  in this post. If that’s the case, then perhaps some of my more well-read friends and readers can point me in the direction of what to learn next.

Not as if I ever knew what was right. Rather, as time goes on I continue learning that “right” is a far more elusive grey area concept than I envisaged earlier in my life. There is no black and white when it comes to moral questions, and perhaps the best we can do is use critical reasoning to move ever forward, step by step, in our understanding of the world and apply this knowledge to the way things “ought” to be. We will disagree, we will likely make mistakes (yes, there are moral “mistakes” – look no further than slavery for an example), but we can all set off from the outset with an open mind and willingness to be wrong publicly, then perhaps we can edge closer towards some better concept of “right.”

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John McCain is no longer fit to lead this country in any capacity

 In response to Vladmir Putin’s New York Times editorial [1], John McCain recently penned his own response to the people of Russia.  McCain was, no doubt, attempting to show Putin that two can play at this game, but where McCain went wrong was, well, in a lot of places.  For starters, as this Salon article points out, while Putin published in at least a somewhat reputable news source, McCain published in the equivalent of a Russian tabloid.

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