Why you shouldn’t feel pressured to get married just because your friends are

I was at a party once when a good friend of mine (a 25 year old female) began to discuss how she felt pressured to find the right guy and get married.  After all, she said, so many of her friends were taking the leap, and here she was single.  This sentiment was then repeated by another friend (same age and gender), and then another.  At this point, I said something along the lines of: “That’s ridiculous.  You’re all wrong, here’s why.”  Half the people in the group laughed, a couple called me an asshole, and one said that I needed to start a blog with that title.  I guess you can figure out who I listened to.  Below is more or less what I said at that party (somewhat expanded, I’m not that much of a bore over drinks), but with a little more data to back it up.

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