Is SNAP (Food stamp program) really as bloated as it’s made out to be?

Recently, legislation has been enacted to significantly reduce the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps.  Frankly, prior to this legislation I had not followed the issue too closely.  But as debate flared up, rhetoric surrounding the national debate became increasingly public and, of course, was replete with standard Washington flair.  “Culture of dependency,” “Wasteful,” “Bloated,” and “Excessive” were the soundbites underpinning the justification for these cuts.  How bloated and excessive is this program? Looking at the data in this particular case can actually be quite an enlightening exercise, as they can tell us something about the rate of change in the cost of the program. This growth rate can better help us understand whether or not SNAPhas grown at an unusually rapid rate, which would be an indicator of excess or bloat.

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